Experts in Payrolling/Professional Employer Services

Let S&S focus on recruitment and administration while you focus on your core business.

Contract workers and a longer term contingent workforce are often the best solution to successful projects and business growth. When specialty skills are required, S&S offers a workforce that can be expanded or contracted with your changing needs, including:

  • Self-employed consultants and specialists
  • Independent and incorporated contractors
  • Long- and short-term labour pools and project teams

As your third-party Professional Employer, S&S delivers the expertise and resources to manage and administrate the workforce while you apply your corporate resources to your business specialization. As your professional third-party employer we;

  • Become the Employer of Record for your existing or new hire employees
  • Recruit, select and deliver the right people
  • Manage employment and independent contractor agreements
  • Provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance and administration including remittances
  • Provide General Liability and Professional Employer insurance
  • Manage and administer payroll, remittances, ROEs, T4s
  • Manage and remit for EI, CPP, Health and all related employer obligations
  • Manage employee time and attendance including vacation records and replacements
  • Provide scheduling, notices of terminations and employee/contractor support services