Sales & Mangement

Expanding Our Sales & Management Talent Pool

S&S recruits and supplies all levels of sales professionals and sales support personnel. We understand your needs and culture and we deliver sales professionals who make a difference in your organization’s top- and bottom-line performance.

Ask about our Sales Profiling tools that help us select people who will fit into your culture, perform at a high level and remain with you for years ahead. S&S recruitment consultants are experts at defining sales roles and sales professional profiles.

Sales professionals drive your revenue and your business forward, and often possess the following attributes:

  • Analytical and process driven
  • Innovative and strategic
  • Effective communicators
  • Compelling delegators
  • Decisive; organized and resourceful
  • Excellent motivators
  • Superior leadership skills with a coaching mindset

S&S Recruitment Consultants specialize in sourcing and recruitment of all levels of sales professionals and identifying top sales talent, including:

  • Contact Centre Sales
  • Order Desk
  • Retail Sales
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Administration