Digital Transformation

At Botsford, we specialize in working with LOBs and Enterprise groups to successfully achieve their digital transformation goals.  Our expert team of cloud and DevOps engineers leverage the latest innovations and developments in technology and best practices to propel your organization forward.

We bring industry knowledge with a structured approach to support your digital modernization needs.  We help you to evaluate and assess technological areas of improvement for enhanced scalability, security and cost efficiency.  Our initiatives involve defining key performance indicators (KPIs) to develop data driven strategies and decisions.  As technology rapidly evolves, we partner with you to bring ongoing support for continued optimization to align business strategy, technology initiatives, and teams for digital transformation success.

  • With deep domain expertise and unparalleled capabilities across strategy consultancy, design, and product development, we are established industry leaders who support clients in the visioning and design of new products. Our strategy development, functional and technical architecture, backlog development, and business process design help you reach new and targeted segments for your desired market base.

  • Moving applications from a data center into a cloud environment is hard; we’re here for you at every step with tailor-made, end-to-end cloud migration services. From assessment to optimization, we can help you evaluate, inventory and strategize your requirements to make the switch to cloud. With years of experience and many successful migrations behind us, we know the challenges and roadblocks throughout the entire migration life cycle. A migration done well means significant cost savings, greater stability, and faster releases for new features.

  • Data consolidation can be tricky but we have the data science capabilities to help you analyze information and realize the gains and value in big data. At Botsford, we build forward-looking data architectures for effective data consolidation to provide you with deep data insights to make strategic business decisions. Our big data and predictive analytics with performance monitoring to measure KPIs in real-time gives you a competitive edge in extracting meaningful insights for more effective solutions.