Temporary & Contract Staffing

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Requiring the services of a temporary employee is par for the course when it comes to running a business, as many of your full time personnel will take leaves at some point in their career. Candidate selection can be difficult and resource intensive, so seeking temporary staffing services from a professional agency can relieve the stress of the situation. S&S is your leading temporary employment agency with same-day or next-day available candidates, offering access to a vast network of qualified talent who can seamlessly transition into their role within your company in order to maintain productivity on an as-needed basis.

Our Candidate Selection Services Make Your Job Easier

Finding the right fit for your company is important when it comes to temporary staffing jobs. S&S is committed to getting to know and comprehensively evaluate each and every one of the potential candidates we send to you. Our temp employment services not only assist in finding the right match, but also offer all management of the position, such as background checks, handling the application process and onboarding. Whether you require a temporary staff member to cover a position or you have an increase in production that requires extra personnel for a period of time, S&S has the candidate for you.

Request Talent Today

If you are considering adding more staff to your organization it may be beneficial to first think about the possibility of temporary staffing services to fulfill your needs. These engagements can range from a single day to several months.

An advantage of using temps is their flexibility. You can bring them in with little lead time (either same-day or next-day), then stop using them right away as your need for extra workers subsides.