Data and Analytics

Due to changing market conditions, continuous evolutions in the competitive landscape, and increased regulatory pressures, financial institutions are having to modernize and revolutionize their data management practices and processes.

Most groups, however, are facing similar challenges in: analyzing fragmented data for end reporting and the development of business insights; managing historical, reference, and real-time data; standardizing data from numerous internal and external systems; adopting centralization or decentralization of data repositories; and developing On-Prem/Off-Prem data solutions.  

At Botsford, we partner with some of the largest financial institutions to build and improve on governance structure, and manage the framework of data consolidation across multiple LOBs and data warehouses/repositories. We understand the complexities of re-architecting data management systems as well as reconciling data for heightened quality and accuracy. Through our expertise, our clients are more effectively building elevated data analytics practices for stronger business intelligence.

  • Our experts help you understand the value of data to make informed decisions and avoid costly errors through curated strategies that assess the data state, monitor data anomalies and prove validation so you can focus on generating a healthy ROI. We determine your readiness for CCPA, CDPA, GDPR, and other CCPA-like regulations to reduce risk while meeting global privacy and compliance standards. We help with controls for sensitive data to manage how it is accessed, stored and transmitted, along with monitoring for risks and breaches.

  • We provide guidance to establish robust systems to track and understand the flow of financial data. Through various processes including: assessing current data management practices, defining industry-specific data lineage requirements, tailored data lineage architectures, data lineage solutions and data governance practices, our focus is on ensuring data integrity and accuracy in tracking data through its lifecycle and lineage.

  • We help you understand your business’ data through the design and implementation of effective data models that define various data elements and the data relationships between them. We assess current data modeling practices, define requirements, and build structures that lay the foundation for solid data analysis, database development and management. With the proper models in place, you can extract meaningful insights that support your decision making processes.

  • We produce AI-driven automated business outcomes by working closely with your data, business and IT teams. Technology evolves rapidly and we help you harness the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to uncover insights, create trusted transactions, and employ intelligence in revolutionary, ethical and secure ways. We partner with you to transform the way your business, people and machines work together, from Edge to Cloud.